Beauty Treatments On Offer 2

Even more beauty treatments for you to take a look at.  Make yourself look even more glamorous. and to feel more relaxed and pampered.

Beauty Treatments On Offer 2


There are a variety of facials available from basic simple ones, all the way through to more advanced facials using non-surgical machine, also infusions using products that are pushed into the skin that keep working for upto 48hrs afterwards.

Bleaching **

This is used to lighten facial and body hair.  A patch test is required 24-48hrs before to make sure you're not allergic to the product.

Hopi Ear Candles

This is an excellent treatment to relieve symptoms of sinusitis, hayfever, tinnitis, and ear wax build up.  It is a very good treatment also for children who suffer with glue ear.  Also excellent for divers and people who fly a lot, due to the pressure build up in the ears/nose (popping).

The contra indications (not allowing you to have it)  for this treatment are any tumours of ear, nose and throat, recent perforation of ear within 6 months, the use of grommits, mastoiditis, any inflammation of the ear, or boils.

Eyecatchers **

These are all treatments for the eye area, some need a patch test to make sure not allergic to products used.


There are a variety of studs available, all hypoallergenic, and aftercare lotion and after care advice leaflet included in price.  Using an all in one Inverness ear piercing system, all studs come in sealed packets so cannot be contaminated in any way.  Before I do ear piercing I always fill out a questionnaire.

Gift Vouchers

These are available in 2 different ways.  You can either pay for specific treatments, or alternatively pay a certain amount and the person can then choose the treatments they wish to have up to the amount or pay extra if they wish if their treatments come to more?


I do make-ups for all ocassions, and specialise in wedding make-up.  I also do do make-up lessons for anyone who isn't sure how to apply make-up or what colours to use.


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